For the task No. 1 I was asked to write a mission statement for the year ahead.

After reading books, doing more research on other illustrators’ blogs and watching inspiring videos I have made a list of creative fields I would be interested and curious about. This includes book, advertising, studio collaboration and self-initiated illustrations. I am highly willing to spend my time researching these areas the most during my last years degree as it will be mostly focused on my personal future career.

During my first and second years in the illustration course I have spent most of my time experimenting with different media and trying to find of what worked the best. This year I am more willing to concentrate on the illustrating style that I have got during these years and believe works the best for me – keeping in mind that loads of future illustrating projects will have a short time period until they have to be submitted and that the style had to look professional, which meant to keep away from the school and college illustration styles. In this last years course I will be working in this illustration style which I would like to call my own voice and expect to make it as professional as I can but in the same time trying to explore the techniques to polish it.

A lot of my inspiration comes from different researches such as other illustrators’ works, books, daily items, photography, packaging, movies and music. I will be continuing this research path as it is highly important to be open to any incoming information which would help in the future idea generation. For the past years I have noticed myself coming back to line illustrations while doing the given project briefs. I understood that that kind of illustration has been giving me the most joy. What is more, surrealism has been my favourite art style since I was in school. I enjoy making flat line illustrations that create their own world – very similar to the surrealism –  and believe that this is my voice which would be interesting for my future clients. When choosing a medium, I will probably be exploring silk-screen, etching plate, lino cut and digital printing to find out which would be the most suitable for me before I start my future career.

To sum up, I am very excited for the last year’s course in illustration and am very ambitious in keeping my goals to become a unique illustrator – able to show my own voice through my art.


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