Looking into more contemporary than history.

Debates in practice.

Create a context in which you can place your emerging practical work.

Major project

Critical and contextual rationale (Why am I doing this?)

Implementing research strategies (How am I going to do my research?)

Inform the nature and needs of your project (Finding the skills still needed to learn)

Tutorial guidance.

History + Research + Studio projects + Visual culture = IDEA GENERATION -> THINKING PRACTITIONER


DJ. Spooky aka that subliminal kid


Max Hattler, 2009 – animaion – ”Collision”

Linder Sterling – collage

”Little Big Books” – illustration

Space to experiment

Looking into something new

Nendo, Japan – designer – ”In Prays of Shadows”

Nendo = free from the clay

Story telling

Essay 4000 words!


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