Most of the information and quotes provided are taken from the book and research video previous post of my blog.



In this presentation I will talk about the things I have read, seen and do, which sums up of what makes up my practice as an illustrator. I will as well mention what I have learned from the videos seen and books read while doing my research about illustration and how to be an artist.

What does an illustrator do? ”The job of illustrator is relatively simple; the key to successful illustrating is the essence of the message and the art of communication”.

While doing my research I have found various illustration paths from which book, advertising, self-initiated illustrations and studio collaboration sounds the most interesting for my future work.

Here you can see three basic questions that we need to ask ourselves after given a new project brief:

* what are we trying to achieve?

* why are we trying to achieve it?

* how will we achieve it?

How to be a good illustrator? 1) Ask the why questions (e.g. why is that object red?); 2) think ”are down” and ”less is more”’ – do not make your work too chaotic and hard to read; 3) think colour and object size hierarchy to lead the viewer through the illustration.

Book illustration types:

* picture book – heavy and energetic images carry the reader through the story

* in chapter book illustration plays a supporting role to the text.

What needs to be considered when you are given a book illustrating project? 1) understand what project it is: manual, chapter or picture book; 2) what approach you should use when creating the imagery : humorous, serious  or retro.

Tips on how to become a professional artist found at Howcast channel on Youtube:

* learn to listen to the given criticism and making improvements to the work for your own good

* doing life-drawing sessions wherever possible as this helps to grow your skills and learn new things.

It is very important to be positive about your own and other artists’ work, this helps to build up the needed confidence to share your work with everyone and hope in receiving the best results = to move forward.

All of what I have been talking before were tips of how to be a great practitioner. After learning a lot from others I have decided to follow those tips in my creative project time which all leads to what I do now:

* collaboration projects/exhibitions

* competitions

* exhibitions

* portfolio/ work for clients

* personal work/ self-initiated projects/ sketchbook


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