Each of us were given one page of the ”Under Milk Wood” story. We had to annotate the given text ourselves, highlight the most important parts before the workshop on 09-10-14. What is more we had to find and bring at least 5 images that relate to place, 5 that relate to character and 5 to object. These could be photographs/paintings/sculptures/objects that you consider relevant to the text. I have started my research by reading a short annotation about the whole story itself to find out more about the characters and the place of the story.


For my given page I am looking more into these characters:

Captain Cat – old blind sea captain who dreams of his deceased shipmates and lost lover Rosie.

Rosie Probert – Captain Cat’s deceased lover, who appears in his dreams.

Mr. Pugh – schoolmaster, dreams of poisoning his wife; does not do it.

Mrs. Pugh -nasty and undesirable wife of Mr. Pugh.

I as well found out that the story takes place in Wales , which had been a huge help in finding images that could be the imaginable story place and represent the objects there.

Tomorrow will be the ”Under Milk Wood” workshop , I will post final images and description after. Looking forward for it, I believe I am quite ready with the information researched and found. As well, if this will be an ongoing project I will also watch the movie of this story to gain more information as well as read the whole story.


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