Talk given by Sara Melin

The Poundshop started in 2010. The idea was to make art more accessible to everyone. While creating the shops they had been growing and making it better, with designers’ help they could create the space for the shop for a minimal price. As any new company they stumbled upon few problems, for example – broken and stolen items, when they had to re-pay the artists or when they had this idea of using scan bar codes which did not work just before the opening of the shop or opening an online shop seemed like a great idea as more people could access it however the shipment costs were too high. All in all, they made loads of improvement , while learning from their own mistakes.


notes to self: the Poundshop in Oxford street had an amazing design (Bright Young 2013). Items bought in charity shops and re-made in artistic approach can be a great idea to make the item selling. Important to make it unique and look professional. The item should cost around 50p, they take 10% commissions and it needs to be mass produced which means – made very quickly without wasting too much energy and materials.


Tips for working a freelancer:

* Being patient – everything takes time

* Believing in yourself

* Being nice to everyone/professional (nice and professional when meeting new people)

* Working freelance needs to be fun as it is a really hard work.

New shop opening in ICA (Christmas shop, submissions opening in a week time). Need to send a prototype of the product.


more infromation: http://www.thepoundshop.org


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