*using other knowledge

Primary research – your own critique or opinion (on painting, illustration…); practical experimentation, testing of materials and art & design making processes.

Secondary research – using other sources (magazines, books…) to support your own research.

Primary research example and how I wrote about it:

This banner stands for the worker community of the South Yorkshire. I believe it could be used during the protests. It represents three strikes that took place between 1984 and 1985.

+ talking about composition and colour pallet

+ finding out where ”still the enemy within” comes from

+ talking on what artists work it reminds off

+ talking about image : what people are wearing, objects…

+ adding secondary research to support my ideas.

Types of research by Meridith Davies. What is so important about research?

* descriptive/observing

* historical/where these colours come from?

*analytical/questionnaire, mapping

experimental/process, materials, techniques/testing


Research about illustration – influences, styles, history

Research into illustration – methods, experimentation

Research through illustration – development, my own practice.

Research project examples

Process – tree of codes – J. Saffron Foer


An incomplete manifesto for growth – Bruce Man

Do not be afraid to experiment, explore, make mistakes or take risks.

Interactive process

100 chairs – Martino Gampe

Doing the same thing over and over can lead to great results.

Real world problems/organising information

Angela Morelli – the water project

Making the information attractive to the viewer with the given information and statistics using visual art.

Documenting/observation- Oliver Kugler – reportage, telling stories, narration


1. Proposal

2. context and audience

3. research sources

4. learning methodology

5. work for assessment

6. self-initiated project

7. managing your time

8.  deadline, 1st of june


1. Production

2. documenting the process in sketchbook, blog, research book

3. presentation of submission (design of portfolio/box etc.)

Good example of a blog – amierose.wordpress.com


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