After being introduced to the animation project for the RSA animate competition, we have been introduced on what an animation is. We went for a trip to the London zoo and had to bring some equipment that we feel comfortable drawing with and a sketchbook – easy to carry. It was my first time to go to the London zoo, so I had been highly fascinated not only drawing but examining on how the different animals look like, for example, what patterns they have, what body shapes and similar. I kicked off the workshop by starting to draw different sea creatures – mostly fishes – and it was pretty hard as they were highly active and I was not able to capture the poses and their shapes correctly. However, I think it was a good start even though I did not manage to do too many nice illustrations. Mainly it helped me to loosen up the style I was sketching in. As the day went by, and visiting various different animals, I stopped at the end to draw the most static animals: camels, donkeys, etc. and noticed that even though they did not move too fast, my hand was loosen up as much that I drew illustration after illustration in seconds, capturing their poses and animals from different angles. All in all, it was a good day and a great start for the animation project, I had a possibility to look more at the shapes, poses and movement which I believe is one of the most important for a project which involves animating.

I have attached most of my sketches made that day bellow:



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