Today we have been introduced to the lip sync system when working with our animated movies. We have been explained of how to record sounds by every second of the audio file we have been given for the RSA animation competition – where you mainly write down the seconds/frames and the lip sync we hear from the audio file as well as what type of mouth shape the creature or a person should have while saying these words. I have learn not to concentrate or every letter as in the audio file sometimes the person talking can shuffle few letter in one – making some of the sounds long some sticking together as well as having short or long pauses between the words.
We had a chance to talk to animators who wanted to work in a group together with illustrators and likewise. I had been one of them so I had a possibility to make 4 quick ”blind dates” as our tutor called them , exchanging the ideas and trying to find someone who would like to work with me in a group. However, at the end I have not been approached by any of the animators, not too sure if this is because my idea did not match any of theirs or this is because we all have been to busy in doing our own work. This is why, in precaution, I will stick to my idea and start creating everything on my own. If at any point one of the animators will approach me, I will even more help as this means I will not have to learn most of the animating skills in a really short period of time , fingers crossed!

After coming back home, I understood that I have finally chosen the right idea for this project, so started to look at various animations that are made the way I want mine to look like. As I am not too good in digital drawing, I decided to start making everything by hand which means – stop motion – as it includes photographing the frames one by one. I have found few inspirations:

stop motion animations

worth a watch!!!! wanna do something similar and love to minimalistic colour pallet!7

paper cut animation

What I will do this afternoon is start making few set illustrations – which could be called as plotting – drawing quick sketches of the objects, characters or background that I might later on evolve into my final illustrations for this animation. This will mean as well that I do not hurry too much as the animator , wanting to work with me can still appear and we can still work together in a group as I would be still in the creative thinking process and not have a final idea for this project.


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