Researching contexts for art and design practice

1. To consider and deepen an insight into the work of contemporary art and design practitioner and critics.

Where is work placed?

Penelope Lively ”So this is old age”

Are these stereotypes (old woman covering her knees, watering plants in the garden)? Does a visual culture give us a narrative?


Things change due to the context.

To write a critical and contextual essay to support your FMP.

I am engaged to this piece of work because…

2. To facilitate the construction of a critical and contextual framework against which you can locate your own creative practice. 

Where will your work end up? Being aware of the audience.

Gareth Pugh – s/s collection 2011

3. To provide the means by which you may reflect critically on your work and it’s progress and relate this to the context of your personal and professional development as an artist or designer.

Method one: discourses

how people react to certain events


Psychological not literal

Idea for feminism – how women should look, what colour represents woman, what hair – blond , long. other toys – hiding sexuality – wearing a pony tail.

Method two: datasets/typologies

being open minded, looking at other areas of art & design

Beind and Hilla Becher <- typology <- standard


how similar becomes different looking at 10 similar images – you start to investigate

becoming aware of difference

Evan Roth – talk about graffiti


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