Tutorial notes:

* zoo – learning to draw action

* cut-outs/stop motion

* male character speaking

* lipsync use in my animation

Received questions and answers with ideas to self:

*what about the colours in your animation, all black and white? Will be using the black and white imagery so that the viewer could concentrate more onto the details as well as I will make the illustrations highly detailed. However will use a splash of colour- possibly orange- as this reminds me of curiosity itself- as this colour is very energetic and curious.

Agreed actions for the next tutorial:

1. story board – experimenting on sets
2.  creating the lipsync in the dope sheet
3. Creating my character

Other actions for myself if I will have enough time:

Creating a short animation and few different story sets of full illustrations from which I could choose which one would look the best and present them in the next tutorial while asking for opinions.


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