Weekly notes and tasks for self

Dissertation and FMP

Title: psychoanalytical analysis of dreams and unconsciousness

Found out tha C. G. Jung was S. Freuds student who was the first one to create the dream and unconsciousness theories, his books mainly explore how dreams are created and what role unconsciousness plays in dream creation.  Created a book list to look at when starting to explore my selected theme to find out more.

Other art paths to look at:

symbolism and surrealism

Possible dissertation titles:
*What impact do dreams have in art?
*How unconscious evolves into visual art?
*What role our dreams play in the creative process?

Looking into:

* archetypes

* how dreams are created
*what dreams are/psychoanalytical analysis

* what art paths represent dreams as an inspiration

Artists: surrealism – H. Bosh, L. Freud, S. Dali, D. Goldstein, A. Guidry, S. Nore, Y. Higuchi (surrealism.co.uk;surrealismtoday.com)
Symbolism – M. K. Ciurlionis

FMP illustration

For my project I will be using the information received when writing my dissertation essay and I will be looking at the symbols in my own artwork and similar. Important to write down all of my dreams as soon as I wake up if I remember them. This will be important for my final project.


1. next week I will start reading the S. Freud’s and C. G. Jung’s books to learn more about dreams and unconscious. Will write down and post the most interesting and informative quotes in my blog together with book titles.

2. during the weekend before the next week I will need t create a plotting page for the animation project as well as other agreed actions during the tutorial on Thursday.

3. Monday and Tuesday I will spend my time uploading my blog with post that it would be up to date as I forgot to do this last week.

4. Creating the Christmas card covers for the  competition in the university.

5. Continue writing down my dreams for the FMP, however concentrating doing a lot more work for the Dissertation first as I can concentrate on my FMP after the essay submission.



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