Tutorial notes:

Par. 1 – intro (framework, psychoanalytical theory)

Par. 2 – 4 – Examples ( make sure the example/ artists become the content)

Par. 5 – Conclusion (concluding what has been spoken in the previous paragraphs and answering the title question)

When making the dissertation title, make it more narrow for example: Based on C. G. Jung’s theory of dreams and unconscious, what role do dreams play in the creative process in the contemporary symbolism/surrealism?

FMP – communication of your work is the most important – wood cut/ lino cut – laser cutter final pieces.

After creating my dream list, looking into the dreams all over again and writing down the main archetypes or symbols that I would use for a dream book to translate then, but instead I will be using them to find which one’s remind of the other’s so I could group them. It is important for my FMP that the pieces have something in common and tell a narrative story.
Agreed action for next tutorial: 

1. Claire Huss ”I am Dora”
2. I swear I saw this – Michell Tanssing (online talk)
3. Franz Masareel (769.92 MAS)
4. German expressionism (MOMA)

Next tutorial at 27-11-14


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