Engaging with research and applying ideas to contemporary practice

  • What is pop culture?
  • the 1950′s is when a recognisable visual and physical realm develops especially in the Western world

visual                               thinking world

material                         real world


WP_20141105_13_22_26_Pro WP_20141105_13_24_45_Pro

  • pop culture is synonymous with consumerism
  • consumerism = capitalism
  • Raymond Williams, in the 1960′s, is one of the English writers to study pop culture as a cultural phenomena
  • pop culture defines the modern age
  • Williams defines four main definitions of the term popular:
  1. that which is well linked by many people
  2. that which is deemed, unworthy or inferior
  3. work deliberately seeking to win favour with people
  4. forms of culture made by people by themselves
  • Pierre Bourdien’s notian of Cultural Fields and Cultural capital.
  • In one example he examines the racialized transformation of jazz from ”Lowbrow” vernacular to a ”Highbrow” art form in the early 20th century
  • Blue Note Records
  • popular culture can be seen as beliefs and practices and the objects through which they are organised, that are widely shared among a population.



Lichtenstein – Girl with ball


EasyRider poster by Theobald, USA early 1970′s

  • Julian Vallee
  • Alexa Meade
  • Jinson, Chris Hosmer – 5 senses of design

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