Vanessa Osborne: GF Smith Paper

This industry talk was more coordinated to get to know to the GF Smith Paper company as a potential company for printing my future projects at.

The company members have been travelling around the world, collecting samples of interesting high quality paper. The paper, as Vanessa Osborne mentioned, is either recycled or environmentally friendly. They have a high range of different papers including latex, cotton or leather paper. Interesting fact: water is 90% of the papers they make.

Every year this company spends thousands on promoting their company: creating designs and printing samples.  They produce these samples to be given away for free for the potential clients.

The company provides a sample box sets for the clients so they can choose the colour and texture more easily.

The colour plan – are the papers GFSmith owns.

Gplex – bounded colour paper together. You can create it as thick as you want so from a side you can see all the colours of papers that were bound together.

All in all, I did enjoy the talk as I have learned a lot more about paper and the possible uses, such as using cotton paper and printing animal fur pattern on top so that the viewer can not only see but feel at the same time. We have received few samples of the papers they own and the printing process book which could come in handy for the future projects.

WP_20141107_11_39_35_Pro  WP_20141107_12_04_05_Pro WP_20141107_12_04_13_Pro WP_20141107_12_04_21_Pro


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