After the 1st tutorial on the 30th of October, I have been asked to create  a story board for my 1st animation test. I have decided to look at the rsa video , from which the soundtrack was taken, as my inspiration point, so I created images of the main character which look a lot like the person from the video as well as that the background was inspired by the set from the video. I have even looked at the four camera angles that the video has been filmed in. I recorded all of my ideas on paper in a form of sketches. (Images provided bellow)


After having a short critique that I might be on the right path, I started to create my first animation attempt. (Video provided bellow)

However, after showing the video on the 3rd tutorial, I myself understood that I need a little support from my classmates as I felt stuck on this type of animation. I did not look interesting, the idea was not unique and it felt a little like a kitsch animation. This is when I was suggested maybe to do different type of 3-dimentional photos from the images I made, as well, I needed to improve the illustration quality, because the imagery was not the highest quality.  Even though the attempts I had, I decided to start all over again and make a different story – more information on the 2nd animation test will be posted with the next post. (Images provided below show the experimentation with different 3-dimentional imagery from the illustrations I had by then, this helped to look at the imagery from different perspectives and focuses)



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