What are the intentions for the essay/dissertation?

I am interested in researching and learning more about dreams. This leads to the human psychology, the unconscious, conscious and subconscious. I will be researching psychoanalitics’ theories such as S. Freud and C. G. Jung in order to find out more about the relation of the human inner self to how it can be expressed in art. I will then research artist movements such as Surrealism and Expressionism and make connections to the psychology theories. Lastly I will research some more contemporary artists in order to compare their art and symbols with artists from the surrealism and expressionism movements.

What is the main reason for my dissertation/essay to be exactly in this theme?

My intention would be to link the dissertation/essay and the Final Major Illustration Project this year together. All of the research I will be doing would be useful for both in order to learn more about the chosen topic. It will later on help me to find an appropriate art theme I want to investigate and help in my psychoanalytic theory research.

Carl Jung said the shadow was 99% gold, just waiting for the awareness to balance it all out.


Image from: http://www.artflakes.com/en/shop/mark-wagner/activities


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