Narrative, Process and story telling = Design thinking

  • historical context in essay is very important (it can be around 200-300 length)
  • create an essay draft
  • Vivienne Westwood – spring/summer 2010 video
  • Ilse Crawford – interior design video
  • Retail city, Paris Narrative 2010 video
  • The materials of story telling video -gestalten
  • The economics of telling a story – H&M collection of style 2007 – video
  • Studio, Makkink & Bey – gestalten
  • Konstantin Grcic – process, industry and story telling = integrated thinking – video
  • key learning outcomes: propose and execute a strategy for the investigation of a carefull chosen topic; write an essay, which translates personal research into an analysis and application of chosen ideas.
  • Brown, T. and B. Katz (2009). Change by design: how design thinking transforms organisations and inspires innovation. New York, Harper Business.
  • Carr, N. G. The shallows: how the Internet is changing the way we think, read and remember. London, Atlantic.
  • Design thinking: thinking process, brainstorming, analytical thinking, context
  • How to explore design thinking: processes, narratives and storytelling

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