• important to research other artists websites oh portfolops
  • content – what we share
  • ui- the bare bones of the website
  • ux – user experience
  • Arrange information in a clever way of what I want to show of my website
  • sensible simplicity is important
  • sketching ideas of the design (best made on a piece of paper with a pen – make them work for you)
  • thinking about fonts as font keeps the character of the website design and allows you to express yourself
  • need to know that if you post something online it will be free everyone to use the information unless it is protected
  • artsthread.com popular
  • Saatchi art – helps to create online exhibitions and sell their own art
  • responsive design – making sure that the layouts shrink depending on the screen size
  • http://www.14ad.wecreatetogether.net ( demo of the website they did last year for the graduates)
  • banksy.co.uk (portfolio of a nice website)

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