All things considered/ Making stuff happen

During the industry talk given by Robert Good, who came all the way from Cambridge to introduce us to what he does, R. Good gave us a lot of tips on what happens when you finish studies and what you need to do to start moving. Usually what happens when you leave your course with a diploma, you find yourself in the world where nothing’s happening: you do not get any new briefs, you do not start any new projects, you do not work to get the best grades. If you will not start doing something yourself, nothing is going to change, which would probably mean ending up in a work place that you hate and telling people that you paid for a diploma which never gave you a job. Opportunities are available everywhere around you. Even if you know that it is a tough situation having to compete with other artists and designers for certain positions there is always a place to start your career, even if this means making illustrations for the birthday and holiday cards for your friends and families and selling them for 20p each. Less talk and let’s move own to the tips I have written down during the talk itself.

  1. Important to move on – start doing something
  2. Applying for competitions, organising exhibitions
  3. Pushing stuff towards yourself to make things happen from what you have at that moment.
  4. Networking – not about being too pushy to someone who showed you support in the past.
  5. Socialising – keep it real and you will prosper.
  6. Being organised and getting stuff done.

Robert Good runs the project called ”Art: Language: Location”. Each artists has to make a text based work and place it in an appropriate location. They organise performances and there is always a chance to collaborate and give new ideas as the group of the organisers are open to any suggestions.

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