After the first animation test, I was disappointed with the results even after spending on it for few weeks drawing and animating. Afterwards I have decided to start a completely new story plot: changed my character from a man to a woman – because I felt like I understand women body language a lot more and that it is more expressive then men’s. Secondly, I started to create a story in my head, which could be a lot more surreal. At first the woman sits on the bench, mirror’s appear behind her showing different illustrations, which represent on what the audio soundtrack could be saying. However, this time I did not spend too much time on creating the whole story plot as I did for my first animation test, in case I will have to do some other adjustments or change a story completely again.  So after having in mind my first set and the short story line for a selected audio soundtrack part, I started making the illustrations, I spent a lot more time for the 2nd animation test imagery, so I made it in a higher quality and as well a lot more representational of my drawing style itself. What is more, after the 2-3rd tutorials , I had decided to move to a 3-dimenational  animation, so I decided to make the sets by hand as well as make the animation stop motion from photographs. (Below I have included my 2nd animation attempt).

(Below I have included the imagery I made for the tutorial together with several story plotting attempt screen shots)


After showing the 2nd animation attempt and the imagery, I received a critique which I was expecting mostly.

Tips & Tops:
Really lovely style of animation. Sharp contrasting lines are great, but your unique style of drawing does not shine through.
Much more style in physical cut outs
How will they move though?
Use photoshop and physical drawing?
Colour Palette works really well together, softer lines than the digital animation.
Images are very straight on. Have you thought about using different “camera” angles/ view points?
Be careful with keeping the camera steady
The colours work really nicely as they are being pulled through the same lens
Think about transitions between each scene
The 3D scenes are much more playful than the flat digital scenes.
like the style of your first animation, could the objects themselves move more though? camera was very smooth 🙂
look at how to animate a “walk cycle”.
In the second animation the camera moves around a bit, maybe a tripod would help?
I like the atmosphere you’ve made with the set and the little details like the hand drawn flooring, also i like the shadows you’ve created with your lighting/ where the camera is angled at.
tips: tripod to help with keeping the camera steady:)
tops: really loved the scene you made, and the style of illustrations, given me some ideas for my own sets too! so thanks ^^
Anna says
New style of animation is promising and seems to have much more of your own in it. When it comes to stop-motion, be very aware of where you put the camera and maybe play with lighting to set atmosphere. The technique itself is also something you could consider playing with as well as you’re working with flat objects in a 3D space. There is a world of things that could happen (the paper could flip, pull out, multiply etc.) and there is for instance no reason for your main character to move in a realistic way. Basically this technique is one that allows for many slightly out of the ordinary solutions, don’t be afraid to find them as they may give you a more interesting result than spending two weeks on animating a convincing walk cycle.



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