After my second animation test I was still not fully happy with the result, so I was willing to spend a lot more time on creating the animation flow a lot more like a real animation and improve the quality of the animation itself. After the 4th tutorial, I got ideas of filming myself as the character for the animation, which will help me to draw the motion a lot better. What is more, I decided to use both, the digital and the  3-dimentional imagery in creating the animation , as well, I spent time on making or photographing patterns which I will use in my final video  to improve the colouring of the animation and adding a little more surrealism into it. On the 11th of December I had the final tutorial with my tutor and classmates. (Below I added photographs prepared for the tutorial and the short final test animation).



After the presentation I have received plenty of positive opinions, I felt a lot more happy and inspired by this type of animating. I was suggested to continue making the animation as I was on the right path, was suggested to make only a little adjustment on the water words, to make them appear and disappear as if they were made from water lines instead of just shifting them to one or another side.


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