A portfolio website is one of the most popular ways in presenting and promoting yourself as an artist as it is open to a huge variety audience, who can be either audience, fans or your potential clients and companies. In order to create a website, I had to look into many different other artist websites to understand their cons and pros. In this article I will show the best chosen examples I have found so far and explain why I think they are worth looking at as an inspiration.

Frances Close is a web designer who created this website to promote an event. I like how it looks like an open constantina book, uses only one page to store information correctly and uses different mixed media for visual result. Website available from: http://francesclose.com/#


The second example was interesting in a way because a watercolour and digital drawing was used for it’s visual end result. Website available from: https://onepagelove.com/blocks


Next example is a website template available to buy at http://themeforest.net/. I found it interesting and unique because of the minimal colour choice, simple graphic imagery and bald words.


http://fitzfitzpatrick.com/ This artist website portfolio stud out because of the simplicity and bald colours. It is bright, big and unforgettable. What is more, I do find his about me page text very brave and expressing his personality.

page design

and this is a picture of his previous website:



http://www.whatktdoes.com/work/ again, this websites simplisity shines through. Easy way to show of your personality by the chosen artwork that represent you the most. Easy use of the website.

page design 1

Website design found on pinterest, does not exist any more, however I loved the simplicity, chosen minimal colours and a great example of how a clean website needs to look like.


Another example from pinterest on using illustrations and other mixed media in the websites:


An example of an original cv:


http://deda.me/ highly original website, which has all a website needs: about me, short orginal cv, portfolio and contact me. Originality of this website as well is a big plus as it is not only well done visually but all the information is fun to read, which speaks a lot about the artists personality.



http://www.kellimurray.com/ Website design reflects on the colours of the art work the artist creates. Has all the needed pages , plus a shop for extra earnings.

page design 2

http://danielegneus.com/ an example of one of the most common website styles for the portfolios. Might look good but if expecting a higher client list, this might look boring. However, it compensates by the quality of the drawings as this artist has a bright and expressive style.

page design 3


http://aprileelcich.com/ The logo on the top of the website representing the artist in my opinion looks amazing. Simplicity of the website all the way throughout it.

page design 4

http://www.lafermeduweb.net/billet/30-exemples-de-cv-design-et-creatifs-pour-votre-inspiration-1628.html – website full of examples of interesting illustrative cv’s

http://www.hinydesign.com/ motion gifts add a lot of interest, however , hard to find actual portfolio, a bit too much confusion. However, the whole website design is highly unique.


http://nasibah.co/ super simple, bright, reminds of a constantina book or postcards, website design reflects a lot on the style of the artist.

page design 5

http://www.helenmusselwhite.com/ simplicity of the logo on the top, colours are nicely coordinated together. clean and clear website.

page design 6

http://designforfun.com/ pretty chaotic, however understandable at the same time.

page design 7

http://www.rleonardi.com/interactive-resume/ the most fun way in presenting your cv! One word sums up everything – FUN.


http://hannahrowlands.com/ simple, clean and clear.

page design 8

http://www.lisahedge.com/Title-Page well designed, pastel, busy tabs on the side.

page design 9

http://www.teresaferreira.com/blog/ busy, but unique and well chosen colours, easy to walk through the tabs.

page design 10

http://www.chrishaughton.com/ this is one of the bad examples for a portfolio website, in my opinion. first of all, it takes time ti see a full image, as it doesn’t fit in page you need to scroll to see the bottom of it. Even though there is a list in tabs of all of his projects, the tab section is just too big and confusing.

page design 11



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