Nowadays, social media websites have become a popular way in promoting yourself as an artist. There are loads of different websites, groups and forums so share your work at. I would like to look at advantages and disadvantages of different most famous social websites.

Facebook is and has been throughout the years the most popular website in connecting with people and sharing your life with them. I have noticed loads of groups and pages created in facebook where people share their artwork, post new exhibitions, connect with different other artists and even sell work. It sound like  great idea, however, facebook does not provide you with keeping your artwork safe, which means anyone can copy it and use it. I would probably use facebook only for creating events on my exhibitions, sharing my personal website and using it as a blog to attract more people on what I am doing , what my current projects are.

Pinterest in my opinion is one of the greatest websites in finding information. Sometimes it gives better search results or better information than google. It is widely used to share ideas, illustrations and similar and they are all shared easily as anyone can pin it for you. But this is where the disadvantage comes as well, when anyone can share your artwork, it can be used without your permission. What is more, it does not look as serious as you can easily drown in the wide variety of information. I would probably use this website if trying to sell more of my art pieces.

Etsy is one of the most popular websites to sell anything you want. Similarly to pinterest it is easily shared and many people will see it.

Instagram is widely used for sharing photos and videos. Even though that it is super popular and easy to use, I do not see it as a serious social website to share my art pieces at. However, great for building up audience and fans, sharing current projects as a way of blogging. Many people will see it as you build your follower numbers.

Twitter is very similar to Instagram but more widely used between various famous people, company directors and similar. Great way to follow the recent news, connecting informally to BIG people. However, I do not have an account and am not sure if I would like to have one as Twitter usually associates to me with silly ‘HASHTAGS’ and too much informality. In the end, I could create an account for connecting with the fans and followers.

WordPress is one of the best blogging pages I have seen. I started using it for my university projects, and this was my second blogging page after using tumbrl for a year. WordPress is a lot more sensible and used by mostly adult audience, it provides various different templates, you can create your own template for extra pay. Great website to share your current projects, keeping a blog on what you are doing and other things.


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