How to get an illustration agent – and how to keep one


What can an agent offer you as an illustrator?

  • you should look to get an agent so that they can help you with project management or buyout negotiation or any other area where you are weak

How can artists attract the attention of an agent?

  • Research the agency you are approaching and ensure that what you are offering is fresh to them
  • Agents do their best to work our way through all our email submissions but a postcard or something printed definitely makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • simple email introduction with a link to a website or a PDF of of 10 low res jpgs is a great starting point.

What qualities do agencies look for in an artist?

  • Agents are constantly looking for something that they don’t represent already
  • Agents like to see illustrators that are constantly working on personal projects – even when not being commissioned. A creative mind should be constantly restless and all of this material should be shared with your agent so they can pass it on.

Agencies found:

Folio Illustration agency: http://www.folioart.co.uk/



Nb illustration agency: http://www.nbillustration.co.uk/


Dutch Uncle Illustration Agency: http://www.dutchuncle.co.uk/


Meiklejohn illustration agency: http://www.meiklejohn.co.uk/portfolios.asp


Illustration agency:http://www.illustrationweb.com/


Eye Candy illustration agency: http://www.eyecandyillustration.com/


Handsome Frank illustration agency: http://www.handsomefrank.com/


Jelly illustration agency: http://www.jellylondon.com/illustration





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