As I am very connected to the Social Media Platform -PINTEREST I have created a board on which I am and will be pinning the most attractive business card ideas for inspiration. Here’s my website: https://www.pinterest.com/domenikachan/illustrator-business-card-ideas/

A business card is one of the self-promotion ideas I have and will be doing in the ear future. I have done a little bit of research on how to create a good business card and looked at various examples, this is the tips I came up with after summing everything up:

  1.  business-card-bleed-area
  2. Including important information:
    • Your name – Put the name your contacts know you by.
    • What you do – Remember to include what you do or what defines your job scope. Include the organization you are currently attached to if you wish.
    • Contact information – Phone number, e-mail, work address, social media profiles etc.
    • QR Code – QR codes are a great way to visually present web addresses, phone numbers or vCards. There are plenty of free QR code generators on the Web to help you with this.
  3. Using a well chosen colour scheme which sums up your art work
  4. If adding an illustration, making sure it is one of your best pieces, building curiosity for the contact to look at your later artwork.
  5. Consider the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards tend to feel more expensive – making your business seem more professional. A business cards printed on paper thinner than 300gsm look and feel rather thin, which can make them feel tacky and cheap.





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