For the sake of the present & promote research we have been asked to:

Consider your audience and end user: e.g. gallery, employer, client, curator, agent, funding body – it is worth remembering you may need to address more than one stakeholder.

Instead of talking non -stop about the various types of audience I would like to sum up that there are several types of different audience. I would like to split those groups into professional and daily. Most artists forget that it is important not only to work at the standards of  the professional audience, other are completely opposite and work only for the audience that surrounds them – daily.

I would like to be an illustrator which looks at both of these target types of audience.

Professional – potential clients, illustration agents, gallery curators, bloggers/art newspapers/reporters and companies,

Daily – non-artists, artists seeking for inspiration, potential art buyers, art collectors.

This would mean that I would have to work in two different platforms. While the professional audience seeks for a personal website, portfolio websites, artist statements – they need business cards, post cards, you taking part in exhibitions and having a great portfolio. On the other end there are daily audience – who need to read blog entries about your current project, want to be able to buy your work on the internet or in shops, what to see your work everywhere, on social media platforms (facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, etc.), during the exhibitions and on the items they would be willing to buy (cups, t-shirts, pillows, clocks and similar).


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