About a week ago, during the briefing of a new project, we have been asked to choose a word, which we will be using during the four following workshops. Today we started off our first workshop with a simple warm up task. we all had to split in groups of 4-5 people , all had to be from disciplines. Afterwards we had to play a game, when one of us draws and we have to guess the word they chose. Here are the outcomes:

WP_20150113_11_37_17_Pro WP_20150113_11_37_23_Pro

Other task – using duct tape or cover tape, create an image of an object that relates to the word that I chose:


Collaboration with another student – image of a sleeping woman. I created the pillow and the textured hair.

Third task – using nails and thread, create an image that represents the word in some way:


Cat factory- robot thread image.
Last task – using wire and pliers create an object or image:


Wire vision. Eyes that see more than we understand. A vision of our unconsciousness.

Self-reflection on the workshop no. 1. 

All in all, I must say, that only at the end of the workshop I understood what it was needed for. As  we were all told to choose a word which relates to our current project, I chose a word from my FMP – unconsciousness. The workshop helped me to look at different ways of expressing such a wide and abstract words, for example – being able to think of different objects that relate to it – pillow, dream vision and similar. I enjoyed the thread and nails task the most. Even though we were limited on how many nails we re given to put a thread on, an were limited on shapes, because it would have been impossible to make a rounded shapes – I learned that even being limited on so many levels I am able to produce something strange. At first I wanted to create a cat image with a mouse in it’s belly – it turned out even more dream like,cat ended up looking like a mechanical robot or a factory – as other student’s called it.

To sum up, I must say that I have not been expecting the workshop to be so strict on the visual imagery that we have to produce. For the next workshop, I would like to be a lot more prepared, as I do understand now, what are these workshops about, I will take a look at more inspiration, think of other different ways and images i would like to create before going to another workshop.


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