After our first DesignLab workshop, we have been asked to create 3 images for each of the tasks digitally when changing their colours, shapes, cropping them and similar. What is more, tutors asked us to upload a video of one of the workshops that would represent the process on how it was done. And in the end reflect on the whole workshop series. This is what this post is going to be about. Let’s start!

Tape workshop experiments:

tape-experiment-1 tape-experiment-2 tape-experiment-3

Wire workshop experiments:

wire-experiment-1 wire-experiment-2 wire-experiment-3

Thread workshop experiments:

thread-experiment-1 thread-experiment-2 thread-experiment-3

Video of the wire workshop process:

Video of the thread workshop process:

Self-reflection on the workshop no. 1. 

All in all, I must say, that only at the end of the workshop I understood what it was needed for. As  we were all told to choose a word which relates to our current project, I chose a word from my FMP – unconsciousness. The workshop helped me to look at different ways of expressing such a wide and abstract words, for example – being able to think of different objects that relate to it – pillow, dream vision and similar. I enjoyed the thread and nails task the most. Even though we were limited on how many nails we re given to put a thread on, an were limited on shapes, because it would have been impossible to make a rounded shapes – I learned that even being limited on so many levels I am able to produce something strange. At first I wanted to create a cat image with a mouse in it’s belly – it turned out even more dream like,cat ended up looking like a mechanical robot or a factory – as other student’s called it.

To sum up, I must say that I have not been expecting the workshop to be so strict on the visual imagery that we have to produce. For the next workshop, I would like to be a lot more prepared, as I do understand now, what are these workshops about, I will take a look at more inspiration, think of other different ways and images i would like to create before going to another workshop.

Self-reflection on the workshop homework experiments no. 1.

I enjoyed editing  the images. Editing their colours, cropping them and layering one on top of another helped me to express the ideas behind them a lot more. I was trying to create all of the experiments so they would work together as a group. They tell a story on how the dreams evolve and what images unconsciousness can and does create in our heads. It can be either something very dark – fears, bad memories; then they can be very psychedelic – our mind can play around with the images whichever way it wants by adding extra shadowing or similar and last but not least – some dreams can be unforgettable, they have fun bright colours and the visual imagery creates a surreal story.
Video montages were a lot more easy to create, they were made from photos taken during the workshop and later on put together to form a stop motion video. Must say, I am not too sure about the outcomes. They might look pretty boring for me, but maybe audience will have a different opinion on them? If I would have to create a video in my next workshops, I will do my best to reflect a story from it a lot more, not only photograph the process of the making.

All in all, doing the image experimentations on Adobe Photoshop has not been a new thing to me, however, every experiment can be a unique one and it would be hard to create one just like it. I believe it helped me  lot more to see the idea behind my own images and create stories that reflect the abilities of our unconsciousness to edit the visuals we see. Can not wait for our next workshops!


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