Today’s workshop has been focused on shapes. We have been split into 5 groups and all allocated to do different workshops. My group’s task:

Outcome: 3 compositional arrangements

Materials: black shapes (circle, square, triangle and line); A3 gridded paper 3×3

Task: use a photograph from previous workshop as a starting point (Line workshop). Try arranging shapes in different compositional arrangements to create abstract interpretations of your line image on the grid. Consider the composition and balance of shapes in relation to the grids. You will also want to think about how they interact with each other and the negative space.

Example: Inge Druckrey ”teaching to see” on VIMEO

Final outcomes:

WP_20150120_12_37_44_Pro WP_20150120_12_38_05_Pro WP_20150120_12_38_19_Pro

Self-reflection on the workshop:  due to short time for making the outcomes I had to work in a very expressive way. I must say I enjoyed this workshop quite a lot mostly because I believe I managed to dissemble and reshape the given shapes in pretty different ways, which , looking from a side, can be highly helpful when working on my Final Major Project. To add, I had a possibility to work not only with shapes but look at their negative space and consider the compositions in a way so that they look moving and not too overcrowded.


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