Tutorial notes:

  • What will happen if dreams with animals stop? I have already collected quite a wide variety of dreams all the way from October, 2014, this is why I can continue working on my project.
  • Need to start experimenting with materials, trying to find an interesting technique by which I will be creating my final pieces to add more interest and making my work unique.
  • Using acetate rub down image? This technique is mostly used in transferring prints from one place to another using inks on acetate, example: T3
  • If talking about photography in my illustrations, looking at two different techniques. I have tried Photograms before, however, this time I would have a possibility to explore photograms a lot more to push it more to professionalism, example of photogram:  lye4 Len Lye
  • Another photography technique is Cyanotypes. I have never heard about this technique before, however, it is very similar to photograms however this time you can create images onto all different surfaces with a brush adding a liquid and exposing the image onto a sunlight. Example of cyanotype:
  •  cyanotype_print_15_by_dnagara-d5bvxkv Dnagara

Agreed actions for the next tutorial:

  • Researching about cyanotypes and photograms (writitng posts about them in my blog)
  • Ordering needed materials for those photography techniques.
  • Starting to create a timeplan for the rest of the year and this project
  • Writing a project proposal

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