Tutorial notes:

  • Successful wax experiments, looks like dreams because wax creates the foggy like images.
  • If needed to learn more about psychotherapy, Slawa has been working a lot on psychotherapy projects, could help if written to her and asked.
  • Considering doing more expressive drawings as the ones from photographs even though are more for myself to learn drawing animal poses can be not much of a help mostly because it is already time to start experimenting loads.
  • Chine Colle print technique – helps to add a splash of colour into a black and white print where needed. Examples:
  • Iva Geuorguieva ATP 2 smIva Geuorguieva
  • Joan-WienerJoan-Wiener

Agreed actions for next tutorial:

  • Automatic drawing (+write research about automatic drawing on WordPress)
  • Quick sketches of my pet cat – expression
  • Mixture of found or my photos to recreate places and images of my dreams
  • Answering the question on how I will show the narrative in my art? (Possibly can extend the dead line for this question as I am willing to experiment and research more)

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