Jan 26 – Feb 01

*Sketching animal poses

*Drawing sketches of dreams for research file

*Making wax experiments

*Tracing paper and tissue paper illustrations

This week I have spent most of the time doing my first experimentations from the research I have done a week before. I have been working on the imagery inspired by y own dreams. All in all, considering all the experimentations I have made so far I believe the tissue paper illustrations look quite well, when tissue paper layers on on to of another which creates different textures and colours, however it still needs to be skilled by doing more experimentations. Wax experiments on the other hand I did not like at all, I didn’t enjoy neither the process nor the outcomes, they reminded me a lot of something I have done back in college days, it does not look professional nor unique. It is something I could make for myself, not for showing to my potential clients or employers. After the group tutorial on Thursday I learned that I should try making photography techniques and do a lot more research as this is a narrative project – it involves collecting imagery which reflects to my dreams. What is more, I need to set a side the clean line drawings from photos and drawing more expressively.


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