Today’s workshop has been focused on using the skills gained during the previous workshops. We have been split into 4 groups of 3-4. The four of us had to work on one book cover and one movie intro.

Outcome: one book cover and one short movie intro.

Materials: lightbox, shapes, thread, clips, paper, etc.

Task: making book cover and opening title film from the following list.

Films – ”Psycho”,A. Hitchcock; ”Metropolis”, Fitz Lang; ”A Clockwork Orange”, S. Kubrick; ”Gravity”, A. Cuaron; ”Blade Runner”, R. Scott.

Books – ”1984”, ”Romeo & Juliet”, ”Alice in Wonderland”, ”Gulliver’s Travels” and ”Frankenstein”.

Final outcomes:

WP_20150203_11_15_27_Pro WP_20150203_11_29_18_Pro WP_20150203_11_41_14_Pro WP_20150203_12_08_43_Pro


Self-reflection on the workshop: all in all, I can sum up, that I believe that this workshop has been one of the most successful so far. In a short period of time we managed to reach the maximum of experimentations and great outcomes. Working in a group has been a great experience, we all added some ideas to the whole project. What I learned from this workshop that when looking to the chosen movie and a book the outcomes were successful because we looked at them in a more broad way, not showing exactly but more through the abstract scale but still adding enough details so that viewer can read what is the work about. This is highly helpful for my Final Major Project as I am willing to create something that has not been made before and bring the interest in the audience or viewer.


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