Comments from the exhibition:

• Narrative evolves around the rich history of the City of London
• Two millenniums have been connected together
• The work talks about the lost street from City of London – Budge Row
• Past and current inhabitants collision
• Smaller pieces talk about other famous places in the City of London.
• Black and sepia ink technique using brush or felt tips.
• Great historical research and cartography skills

Adding another dimension to this cartographic romp through time is a scale model of a green cabman’s shelter, a quaint anachronism from the Victorian era, in the centre of the space. It appears as both a fantastical object and a reminder that understanding our antecedents is contingent on a physical proximity to the places that they occupied and the purposes they served, even though the City of London may now be physically transformed.

My personal opinion:

I found it pretty interesting where the exhibition was based. It was one of those places where it would be hard to tell that something was there – I believe this adds some interest as it is hard to find so keeps soe kind of secret inside? Space was small, stuffed with artwork hung all the way around the exhibition space. Interesting decision to play will small or huge pieces without having some sort of sequence in size. Loved the detail huge pieces. I have felt like I could stare at these art pieces for hours and still be able to find something I have not seen before – artists has put a lot of thought in every little detail of those pieces.

How this exhibition relates to what I do?

I have felt that the smaller pieces have been some kind of reference and research period and the bigger pieces – his final outcomes. This highly related to what I have been doing for my FMP project. This only shows how much work and exploration the project requires.

More information from: http://arts-co.com/v2/16-january-16-march-2015-the-budge-row-bibliotheque-by-adam-dant/

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