• Talk was given by Marcroy Smith –  the founder and director of People of Print.
  • M. Smith graduated the Brighton university and fro the very start was highly interesting in print and printing.
  • He sent out cv’s with print in blue on one side and cv on the other – suggested to use facilities while we are still in university as latter on we will have to pay for them (did not know that most of facilities are paid in this university as well).
  • Produced a piece which was later asked permission to use for the company of Crystal Castles – they have used his art without permission for other needs, after suing the for illegal actions he has won the fight of the rights of his own artwork.
  • M. Smith creates his work using CMYK colours which create the half tones and allows him to create loads of colour combinations.

Top tips from Marcroy Smith on becoming a successful artist or designer:

  • Exhibiting work wherever it is possible – it helps you to be seen and get the right amount of exposure.
  • Collecting and documenting the creative process of your project – this can  lot more interesting to show than the final outcome. Always keep a record of that.
  • Using social media to gain exposure.



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