Project Proposal

Level 6 / Final Major Project


The symbols of animals created in my dreams by the unconscious and places they appear in.

Project proposal content: 


My final major project will be informed by what I have learned when writing my essay ‘A study in the relevance of Jung’s concept of the ‘Collective Unconscious’ in the art from 1941 to 2009’.

After doing research on C. G. Jung’s ‘Collective Unconscious’ I have learned that the anima (the human of my psyche) can show through various kinds of animal symbols in dreams.

My intentions would be to record those dreams and the animal symbols that appear.

I will do this by writing down and sketching my dreams of animals all the way from October, 2014 till the when I start my experimental period for the FMP piece in order to collect a wide variety of stories and pictures. Afterwards, I will look at what symbols repeat the most, how the animals look like, what places they appear in and similar. On the side, I will be doing research of what those animal symbols mean in the psychology world and do a self-psychoanalysis in order to learn more about myself through those symbols.

Context and audience:


I will be looking at two different types of audience.

Firstly, those who will see my work during the Art & Design final year exhibition and         other artists or non-artists looking at my final pieces. The intention is to show an example of how animals in our dreams can become symbols of who we are – this relates to the archetypes created by the famous psychoanalytics.

Professionals – potential clients, exhibition curators, agencies and others – will be able to learn about my abilities to work on a project brief which theme would be more psychological and complex.

Research sources:


I will keep a research/experimentation file where I will be collecting my sketches, dreams and primary experiments;

Writing my self-reflections or the reflecting on the techniques I would be interested in testing for this project on my WordPress blog;

Collecting other artist works (mostly whose that use animal symbols I will be using for my Final Major Project) on the well-known artist platform – Pinterest – as I will be using that as my mood/inspiration boards.

Reading psychoanalysis books about animals and recording what I learned about the chosen animals from my dreams on my WordPress blog.

Collecting imagery and photos related to my dreams in the research/experimentation folder.


Learning methodology:


To begin generating my visual ideas I will start drawing simple sketches of my dreams to keep visual record of what objects and animals I saw exactly in my dreams, I will later on explore several most appropriate image making techniques which will help to evolve my final project pieces.

I will be using the picture layering technique which will represent on how dreams are created in our unconscious by putting one event and pictures together with other in spaces which have left biggest memories and appeared in my dreams.

The picture layering experimentation might involve: tissue or rice paper, resin or vellum and acetate papers and other appropriate mediums or mixed media techniques.

The intentions from the experimentation side would be involving skills that I already have in mixed media technique and mixing them with new techniques which would mean that I might need to either talk to this area specialist or watch tutorials and educational videos in perfecting these techniques.

Work for assessment:


During this project I intend to learn more about new illustration techniques, set myself a

task timetable which will help me to follow the Final Project piece creative process in

order to do different technique experimentations and imagery compositions.

At this moment it is pretty hard to explain how my final pieces intend to look like,

however, I believe they will be created using the earlier mentioned layering technique

when using imagery collected on the internet or photographs taken myself that reflect to

the places and objects seen on my dreams and recorded in my stories.

Possible submission Final Project pieces – either one/few large pieces or a sequence of

smaller pieces.


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