Traditional Cyanotype


Work process:

Apply cyanotype sentisizer on paper, dry in dark. Add acetate print on to and under glass, expose in sun for around 6mins. Rinse in water with few drops of peroxide.


91f99e31e5ace432637839c3e4b803e0 cyanotype_print_15_by_dnagara-d5bvxkv

During one of my first tutorials, I have been encouraged to find new techniques to use for my FMP. After reading on of the books about various printing techniques I have found Cyanotype technique which is highly similar to the previously in my posts discussed Photogram, however this time you can print it on any type of materiel and is easily made at home. I have started creating the Cyanotype mood board for myself. What I enjoy most is that the way you apply it or the way you wash the print changes the final result. This means I can experiment quite a lot and this is highly important for my FMP to achieve high standard results. Here are some examples:

Lynnette Miller


Carrie Witherell


Lucy Brown

Untitled (Lace Collar), Cyanotype Rex, 2010


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