I have decided to give one post to Brooks Salzwedel as he was my biggest inspiration for the FMP project. At first I thought I should try and see if I would be able to copy how he has done his art pieces, however, this is not the idea for a real artist. So instead I questioned myself, why his artwork has been so inspiring for me? How can I make it mine? What relations does it have to what I am doing?

Well first of all, his art work caught my eye because it has all the qualities I expect for my final piece theme: it is foggy, dream-like, layered, has a feeling of depth, washed colours working together with contrasting B&W and it is covered with glass-like material to protect it – resin.

Glass effect – resin – reminded me of childhood, when we as kids used to collect broken bottle pieces and flowers, then we used to dig a small hole and put those flowers under the glass in the small hole and hide it. We used to call them our secrets. I actually found the resin technique so relating to my personal project that I believe it will be one of the best ways to represent the captured moment from my dreams which have safely been protected under a glass-like resin which will keep it safe and available to the audience. As if the images were actually captured from my dreams.

Anyway, here are some examples of Brooks Salzwedel’s work, enjoy:

c8be1ad04fa24e9a4bd72128a9c2b602 f6862074abffa1b7d25f3a3005855463



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