For my FMP project, I have decided to start making collage illustrations, as I believe this is one of the most appropriate types of creating odd surreal places and characters to represent my dreams. I have been enjoying making collages in the past few years and I found this process one of my most favourite ones. Having a narrative to help me choose appropriate imagery and compositions – my own written dreams – I will be able to explore collage illustration a lot more. Here are the inspirations I found for my mood board in this process:

Lucas Davison

092193b9f7f995c007e06b79e0e6c267 c845933c77a058b2c8cf7c80d52bf20d

Laura Breiling

FeatureLauraBreiling001 FeatureLauraBreiling007

Oscar Varona


Christine Kim


Julien Pacaud


Eugenia Loli


More mood board inspirations available on my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/domenikachan/illustration-collage-inspiration-style/


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