In this article I will be trying to answer all the questions for the problems I have come up so far for my FMP project.

Now at the moment, I am mostly focusing in understanding how will I tell the narrative story through my final piece for the FMP. What does it mean to me? How will I show the narrative and similar. So let’s start with the questions and problems I came up with and the answers or options for each of them.

How to tell narrative though my illustrations?

Ideas: making all dreams separate or making them to fit one story.

Separate stories ->  Creating sequences of images that tell narrative of each of the stories.

Narrative story – one that fits all -> Considering the sequence of chosen stories to fit one narrative:

Childhoods apartment corridor dream -> room full of cats dream -> kitchen expresso dream -> taking cat for a walk in the street dream -> street full of snow, black cats dream

or leaving the intrigue and showing the last dream as I was taking my pet cat to the street, but no one will know where we were going, what will happen next.

How to communicate ideas through images?

Using clues, objects, action and anything that represents the narrative, in my case anything that reflects to the chosen dream.

How to draw attention of the viewer?

Using colour, contrasts, shadows and similar. Need to decide what is the most important in each of the compositions I am making to help me tell the story.

Sequential Illustration. How to do it?


Using same character in motion, different poses in the same picture.


Putting different images in a sequence when they communicate the same idea or have been made in a very similar style. They reflect one another.


Putting images in a sequence if they create a continuous space in landscape.


Putting images together when they capture action – helps to translate what the character is doing.


Images tell odd story when a same character is used in different images doing something and when it is put all together as one piece, even though it looks odd, it still seems like the same story.


Using continuous patterns to relate pictures to one another a lot more.


Zooms on details, image cropping to tell the story.


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