Tutorial notes:

  • Max Ernst – even though he was a famous painter, M. Ernst was interested in the surreality of making collages/drawings as well.                                      illustration-to-a-week-of-kindness-1934-119 max ernst max ernst
  • ”Une Semaine de Bonte” –  is a graphic novel and artist’s book by Max Ernst, first published in 1934.
  • Cyanotype experiments that are not only blue but had spots of orange colour can create some nice effects when working on the final colour compositions – not all have to be made appropriately – this means experimenting with colours and seeing in the end what works the best.
  • Collage compositions have been working out quite well – great reference to the dreams as they reflect to the dreams and explain how the situations looked like, what happened. However, this is only a part of my research/experimentation. I need to think of how should I move on from this point. How to create art that is illustrative, is inspired by the stories/dreams but does not reflect 100% as they are not going to be exhibited together with the text? This is for consideration.

Agreed actions for the next tutorial:

  • Buying watercolour paper and bowls to fit A4 paper in – needed for the cyanotypes
  • Continue collecting artistic photos of objects and places – if needed and missing some – creating myself – however the priority would be to continue collecting it from other photographers.
  • Continue doing collages of final compositions.
  • Doing more research on inspiring artists.

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