• The talk was given by Doris and Jennie
  • YCN was established in 2001.
  • YCN is a creative network which allows artists and other members of YCN to get opportunities and ideas.
  • YCN stands for ‘YOU CAN NOW’
  • They have created the award program which started as student award program and now s available for both students and professional artists and designers. (E.G. they are currently running a competition for the cover of a well-known story of Alice in Wonderland).
  • The YCN website provides: award program entries, internships and work opportunities, competitions, workshops, talks and events.
  • You can become a member of YCN for 120£ a year. It may sound pricey however it provides the following options: send YCN magazines 4 times a year; helps with portfolios, direct to the right companies – help for the beginners in setting their future career; a possibility to be included into the website – additional exposure.

How to win , what YCN is looking for? Freshness and creativity.

What are the top tips from the YCN of becoming a successful artist or designer?

  • Using social media websites to share your work: Behance, Instagram, Twitter and similar.
  • Loving and enjoying what you do.
  • Being nice and friendly to people in order that everyone would remember you.
  • Being active – going to events and exhibitions, working on personal projects, doing commissioned projects, networking – contacting clients.
  • Being professional – having a clean and readable website, sending friendly emails to clients and updating them on your work.



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