Below I have put the brief to this project


This brief asks you to re examine the research, references and development work you have been conducting for your final major projects and recognise it as an individual body of work worthy of recognition.

Working in groups spend some time looking through each others research and development material, help each other and discuss the areas feel have been fundamental to your idea development. Working together select and edit key pieces that you feel would be of interest to an outside audience and discuss how this work could be brought together to produce a  group publication.

Carefully consider the following points:

• How will the work be organised and curated within the publication?

• What print and production methods will be most appropriate and visually engaging when reproducing the work?

• What format and structure should the form of your publication take in order to best communicate your ideas?

• How would you like your publication to be used, what is the function and purpose of the finished publication?

• The relationship between text and image is a powerful one. You may want to use text from your rationales. You are asked to include a bibliography.

• You are asked to make a limited edition of 10 copies (or one each).

The facilities that are available to you are: Risograph Screen-print Relief printmaking, Digital (laser, Inkjet) Photocopy Book binding inc. guillotine

Design: There are many tools and systems that a designer may employ to control the way in which content is read. However, you will have to make decisions appropriate to the content and make considerations for the reader.Conceptual considerations: rhythm, sequence, symmetry, harmony, layout, typography,Structural Considerations: front cover, back cover, title page, half title page, spine, contents, chapters.

Production: The timescale of this project will have impact on the production methods you can use. As designers we must find ways to remove obstacles such as time and cost. Alternative methods may be available that will provide the same quality and finish. Seeking out appropriate methods of production forms an important part of this project. There are connotations attached to all aspects of a book. Paper, printing and finishing must be considered.

Exhibition: At the end of the week long project you will be asked to present your publication in the form of an exhibition. This will be in the studio (or another area in the building or your choice). You will need to consider how your work is displayed and understood by an audience. There will be a private view on  5pm Tuesday 3rd  March.


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