This was the second day of the research book project workshop. We all have brought in the imagery and text all printed out and ready to use in order to create collages appropriate for this project pages. We have decided to take out the names out of each section and leave all the work together in booklets – this meant that all images can be a set. However there was no more structure on what size pages could be or what shape they would be – some decided to include pockets, some Constantina books and similar. The only rule was to make all the art work as a set of pages so that they would work together. I have decided to experiment with texture of tin foil, cut outs, different papers to print on and duatones on photocopier.

The main idea was not to make either imagery or the research text too clear unless it was a symbol that would talk about my whole project – this is why I looked at the compositions in a creative way, chose blue colour which reflects to cyanotypes, black which reflects to the photograms, yellow and orange to work as a contrast colour to the blue and I chose a symbol of a cut-out cat which summs up my whole project.



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