Today was the last workshop before creating the final research book project publication. We have decided to work on the designs at home as homework after having enough time to reconsider the designs we have created together. This time we decided to stick to either A4 or A5 size double spreads, which would be put all around the book in the way so that it looks nice by colour, size, minimalism or if it’s chaotic, dark or light and similar. Few days ago we had a critique about the book cover. We have decided to use a unique font for he book cover which will be later on cut out by laser cutter in university on a thick card cover. I have created a list of these fonts as an example for Megan and Julianna as they will have to consider the final font from what has been given by everyone. Me and Samantha decided to go look for an appropriate card for the cover. This is when came across an idea of buying card folders – this sums up the research and suits the idea. We chose a brown card  folder which was later used to bind the book as a cover. I have chosen to create the design of the texture on which we will be printing the names of all the group member who has included work into this publication. I have used tin foil for texture and printed it in duatone in 10 different colour for each of the books as inside pages – as I wanted to make each of the books at least a little unique as this was such a small number publication. At this point I understood that I had shifted my position in this project from leading, to printing final pages, binding the book and having a say about the book design.

book-workshop-title book-cover book-workshop-3 constantine Inside-page


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