The Research Publication Project

This has been an extra short project related to the FMP unit. We have been able to meet a famous graphic designer Mireille Fauchon who has been supporting us through all of the project teaching us to think in a more broad way, try to be unique, keeping away from clichés and talking about her creative process. Meeting Mireille has been quite a big change in the way I see artists. She has been so simple and open, this is when I understood that the time in growing myself as an illustrator has been coming to the end, we are not basic artists any more and we are treated with respect as we would treat any other artist. I have learned that networking does not seem so mush as scary as it seemed before as this was my first opportunity to ask questions, receive answers and keep up with the conversation while asking Mireille for her suggestions on how to survive in the world of art and become a great illustrator. As much as it seems as I am praying her, she has made a huge impact in my growth as an artist and I will be always thankful to her for that.
The whole project has been a great opportunity for me to understand what model I want to stand as in a team. Since the first day I felt the courage to become the lead in organising the project work, design, printing, binding or sharing the tasks between other team members. This has been another great opportunity to grow as a team member – learning new skills, compromising, suggesting appropriate ideas to those who were not highly excited by what has been voted by most of the group – my job was to keep professionalism in situations like that.
This projects task was to create a series of 10 publications that reflect to the research we have done for our FMP project. Most of the time, no one even imagines how much research we have to do in order to create the final outcome. This project was an opportunity to share this in our publication. I have learned not to look at images and text on their own. When combining everything together I have learned to search for a visually appropriate compositions. What is more, colour, size and type use has been taken into a great consideration in reflecting what my project has been about without even having to read the text which has been put into the publication.
All in all, this has been a great project, I enjoyed working in a group, meeting Miraille, being able to learn what position I want to take in the collaborative project, as well as gaining more skills that will be useful when at the job interviews. I will have something to talk about!



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