Tutorial notes:

  • Working more with textures because it helps to make the images more illustrative
  • Henri Cartier Bresson – beautiful photography compositions Henri Cartier Bresson
  • Anna Lomax – keeping pushing to surrealism – her compositions even though are not highly related to what I am doing, helps in a way after looking at how compositions are created, how she is pushing the surreality of the imagery.   anna-lomax-pool-part-riso-1-700x525
  • Joseph Cornell – shadows, collage, layering, surreality. cornell.hotel-eden
  • Archigram – surreal architectures helps in a way to see how they are built. The line between the real and surreal.                                            archigram

Agreed actions for next tutorial:

  • Collage tests of colour combinations I want to work with
  • After doing research on the artist – writting a blog post
  • Consider colour use in work
  • Doing more research on surreality, learning more about it – writting a blog post about it.
  • Taking photos/collecting of different textures to be used in my final outcomes.

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