Tissue paper illustrations have been one of my second experimentations for the FMP project. I have seen various illustrators who have done art work by using the layering of coloured tissue paper. It creates the effect of depth and 3-dimension. I believed it would be very useful to test this technique as for my FMP project I am concentrating on the layering techniques. One of my biggest inspirations was Tiny Fawn (art work shown below).


I love how precise ornamental tissue paper crops when layered on on top of another can create this amazing compositions which becomes a 3-dimensional animal and looks pretty unique. It as well reminds me a lot of painted energetic – automatic brush strokes which have been highly relative in Abstract Expressionist’s work – which I have talked more about in my dissertation/rationale/essay.

For this technique, I was a lot more concentrated as I enjoyed cutting the paper and putting together as pieces of puzzle in creating the final imagery the way I wanted to. I must say I felt like this technique has turned out pretty well and in a certain period of time I could have experimented more in gaining the needed skills in producing high quality illustrations. The main issue was that colours looked a little too bright. Now when looking back to that kind of imagery I find a big relation to what I have done later on in my cut out compositions (I will talk about these experiments later on). The spaces are odd, shapes are strange even though they are simple. The main issue with the tissue paper technique was that it looked too childish – I want my FMP mostly to be concentrated around adults. The bright colours made the stories look fun – though my previous intentions were to keep them mystic and creepy. What is more, if we look back at the surrealists – their art has looked both real and surreal at the same time – if I continued making tissue paper illustrations they would become a lot more flat and unrealistic. Would I continue working in this technique? Probably not for this certain project as it does somehow not work with my intentions, however, there is a lot to learn from the oddness of the compositions and continue working at this type of putting images together. What is more, the texture combinations of layering white tissue paper on top of black and similar has been keeping me highly inspired all the way throughout this project. I not only liked these type of colour combinations, I have been starting to get highly attached to textures. Here are the pieces I came up in the end with for this technique:

WP_20150310_004 WP_20150310_005 WP_20150310_006



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