This was my first experimental process – wax layering technique. Since the very start of this project I was thinking about various layering techniques which help to create both: the 3-dimensional and foggy effects. I believed that these are the main steps in producing a work which reflects to dreams I had in a way that they are not 100% clear, not all the details could be remembered and reflects to the reality of what I have see.

The idea of using wax in order to layer images came after I have seen the work of  Alicia Tormey (image below).

Alicia Tormey

After buying a big pack of tea candles, I melted the wax into a pot from which I later on poured the layers in the frames to create pictures. I have not been concentrating on the imagery at this step and have been more interested on how the wax will pour and it all will come out. I have not been happy with the drawings I have created using pens and markers. And the whole process of using wax reminded me a lot of what I have been doing in college for one of my projects. This all came back to something that has happened 3 years ago, to the stage when I was only a beginner. Taking in consideration the previous sentence you can already make an assumption that I have not created anything that would be up to the level of a third year almost graduate in the illustration course. I do understand that there are days, when you feel it is right and when you know it is wrong. I believe I have spent the whole day on something that can not be used later on in my FMP project but something that can be put as a decoration at home. Even though I was not happy with any of the results, different marks created or the effects in the wax has been inspiring me still in my later experimental work. I love the fogginess of the imagery, the spots that wax created on the tracing paper – reminding a lot of monoprint accidents of ink marks on the sides and what is more, I enjoyed seeing the pastel colour tones which related a lot to my dreams, as the colours I have seen in my dreams did not have too many bright colours, only contrasts. Would I continue to work in this technique? No, definitely not for this project. I found it highly messy, did not enjoy it at all and it took too long to create any of the images.  Here are the experiments I got at the very end:

WP_20150310_001 WP_20150310_002 WP_20150310_003


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