The symbol of mouse can be very different. In the western countries mouse was a a symbol of poor, and in ancient Egypt – plague god. In Asia – positive symbol. China – the first zodiac sign, the fortune symbol. It is believed that people born under this zodiac sign have the ability to take care of their economics and even help others. In Buddhist religion, mouse comes together with most of the gods highly related to fortune and wellness. In China and Japan it is believed that it‘s a good sign if a mouse lives in their house.
Looking from a psychological perspective, mouse is the symbol of slyness, flexibility, artistic skills, negative aggression. Psychoanalytics believe that people who see mouses in their dreams they tend to have loads of troublesome ideas. A mouse can as well mean one of the human personality deaths, sadness, hidden pain, which dissembles the energy.

Information translated from a book:

Орел B.E. Kультурa, символы и животный мир. Харьков: Гуманитaрный центр, 2008.

This book is dedicated to the animal symbolism as the projection of human psychics. The author has depicted a role, and functions which animal performed in men life. A particular attention has been paid to projective function of animals as reflection of psychological features of individuals. The author provides a detailed description of legends and tales, where animals are perceived as forms of a human soul reincarnation. He explores the psychological mechanisms, which underpin such kind of perception, and levels of animal symbolism analysis. There is a detailed analysis of various animal symbolisms in the last chapter.
This book may be useful for psychologists- practitioners, which specialize in the area of projective psychology, for university students of psychology faculties, as well as for everyone who is concerned with problems of symbols interpretation.


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